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We curate trips based on your needs and wants, not what the tour companies want you to do.

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Matt Castell started Curated Travel after spending over twelve years working at Australia’s largest travel retail group. His vision is to create a travel management experience that is tailored to each customers needs.

Curated Travel isn’t bound by preferred agreements that large travel retail groups push their customers towards. We thrive on building relationships with our clients and suppliers to provide the best experience and value in the industry.

We provide curated travel experiences for individuals, couples, families, groups and corporations. What are you waiting for? Upgrade Your Experience by giving us a call today.

What do we do?

To put it simply, we are a boutique Travel Agency. Curated Travel designs travel itineraries for our customers combining decades of industry knowledge and personal travel experience.

We listen to the needs of our customers and recommend products based on relative value and what works in the right situation for the particular customer.

We are paid commissions from our suppliers, which means that fees are not charged to book with us. You will pay the same amount that you would if you booked direct – guaranteed.


Our team of professional Travel Curators will do all the hard work. We’ll book your airfares, hotels, tours, activities, car hire and travel insurance at the best available rates. We also have access to special private airfares and Expedia rates that the public cannot book.

Get in touch with us

Let us guide you towards the right airfares, hotels, car hire and tour arrangements (and more). All we need to do is a have a quick chat to get the ball rolling. This is 100% free and we do not charge consultation fees. We will add value to your booking experience by saving you time and money.